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Beware of your insurer’s recommended car repair service

Been in a prang and your insurer has told you where to get the job done? Not so fast. They may not want you to realise that the choice is actually yours. Don’t let them twist your arm! We’ll show you why it’s best to do your homework and research car repair services after being in an accident on the road.

Why should you choose your own car repair services?

Insurance companies want you to pay ever-increasing high premiums and dictate where your car gets repaired. In turn, this saves them money on your car repairs and leaves you fronting a higher bill.

If you chose to take this route for your car repairs, you might have to:

  • Travel outside your local area
  • Wait longer for your job to be done due to a backlog of repairs
  • Deal with an end job you’re not satisfied with as they could lack expertise in fixing your specific make and model

What if it seems like a good deal?

If you go with your insurer’s suggested repairer, there’s a risk of a lower quality repair, after which you may have to go for a second repair somewhere else. You can save more money in the long run by getting the damage fixed properly the first time at your choice of a trusted repairer.

How to navigate the car repair services

If you’re a car enthusiast like us, it can be hard to entrust someone with your vehicle, especially a smash repairer that you didn’t choose yourself. If your insurance policy gives you a choice of repairer, you should contact your own choice of repairer first. You can check your insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement to see whether you can choose your own repairer to do the job – don’t let your insurance provider make you think you have to go with their choice right there and then.

What if you weren’t in the wrong?

No matter whose fault the accident was, an insurer cannot force you to go with a particular repairer. When you are making a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance company, remember you don’t hold a policy with them. Some insurance companies will try to persuade you to go with their partnered repairer, or even tell you that you have to. Remember, you have the right to choose your own repairer.

At Diverse Garage, you can contact us first, and we’ll take care of the process from start to finish – from the claim to handing back the keys to your now-perfect ride.